Where is AAF today ... ?

AAF is present at many competitions. Gustav and the AAF Board members are frequently travelling. This is necessary in order to hear the latest news and to have reliable information and details from the international competitions, and to keep in touch with many people in the Piano World, such as the contestants, the jury members and organisers.


March 2017: the beginning of this month, Gustav and Akemi will be at the first Robert Schumann Competition for Young Pianists (AAF) in Düsseldorf. Two weeks later, they will be at the International Competition for Young Pianists (AAF) in Arhus (Denmark). In between, Gustav will also visit the NRW Clavicologne Competition (AAF) in Aachen (Germany). At the end of the month, Akemi and Gustav will be back in Barcelona for the Maria Canals Competition (AAF) and to make further preparations for the AAF Conference, which will be held in Barcelona next year (19-20 March 2018).
February 2017: the distribution of the new AAF catalogue continued. During the first three weeks after publication, some 1000 copies were sent. This distribution still continues. An important AAF Board meeting was held in The Hague, where the plans for 2017 and 2018 were discussed. An important item was the planning and details of the First International AAF Conference, the dates of which have been fixed on 19-20 March 2018. After the meeting, part of the live auditions in the preselection stage for the Liszt Competition (AAF) in Utrecht was attended. After having returned to Poland, Stan was on the jury for the Warsaw audition of the New York Concert Artists (AAF). Due to a load of administration and catching up with a lot of other work, Gustav was unable to travel to Hastings for the Piano Concerto Competition (AAF).
January 2017: this month, the new AAF catalogue was finished. As soon as it came out, the sending and distribution to pianists and organisers all over the world started. Akemi and Gustav made a brief trip to Thessaloniki (Greece), where they attended the finals of the Giorgos Thymis Competition (AAF).