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Comment by Stefan Ehrenkreutz

I am writing out of a concern about results so far in the current Sydney Competition.

Comment by Mr. D.L. Rang

Dear Gustav,

Comment by Vasily Shishmarev

"Due to the tense situation between Russia and Ukraine, the Krainev Competition and the Horowitz Competition have been cancelled."

Comment by Ignace Erauw

Every concert pianist needs his quest for a Beethoven cycle. I am persistant to go for my own quest, which is - being a 52-year old amateur pianist - to persuade current concert pianists to start putting energy in new unknown repertoire.

Comment by Anonymous

I hope that in the future prize winners will be promoted much better than is now the case. If not, they will loose the battle against the new media pianists, and poplike pianists.

Comment by Evgeni Starodubtsev

There is a small problem viewing additional information about some competitions. I login to the system, click to the one I want to see the details about, and system says JOIN AAF to see the information.

Comment by Aleksandr Skryabin

I much prefer the previous version of the piano competition display, which listed events for an entire year rather than per month.

Comment by Anonymous

Does AAF also take information about younger age categories of competitions, apart from the highest category?

Comment by Natan Harel

The Cliburn is a superb competition and I enjoy following the development of the phase leading to the official "start" on the 24th May.

I have noticed the competitors teachers are no longer mentioned on the competitor information page and I do hope that Cliburn's decision hasn't been taken to cover the many competitors who have their own teachers as members of the jury, as well as to protect any possible partiality for those pupils inside the competition.

Comment by Micol Francesconi

At the end of the Van Cliburn competition, as it was for the Chopin Competition, I hope that the list of all the competitors, their marks obtained by each juror (starting from yes, no, maybe) will be published online.

Comment by Gustav Alink

The new AAF website has been launched!