Join the Alink-Argerich Foundation

On this page, the various types of AAF membership are described, the annual membership fee and how to apply.

On the page "About the Foundation" (under "Who can benefit from AAF?") the various groups of people who may appreciate AAF's services are described.

On the page "Services to Musicians and Competitions", an overview is given of the range of services that AAF offers.

Those who join AAF by paying an annual contribution are referred to as members.

There are two different membership categories:

A Individuals (music students, teachers, and others) (N.B. persons who are part of the organisation of a music competition, are considered in Category B)
B International Piano Competitions, Piano academies and Conservatories of Music (music colleges and universities etc.), as well as companies and organisations that have their main activities in classical music or that are otherwise considerably involved in music competitions, with a clear focus on piano

The respective membership fees are as follows:

A1 (individuals): annual membership fee 140 Euro
A2 Reduced rate: music students up to the age of 27 80 Euro
B (competitions, etc.): annual membership fee 1,000 Euro

By using one of the following forms, you can inform AAF about your interest to join. You will then receive further information, after which you can still decide whether or not to start your AAF membership.

Apply for membership type A Apply for membership type B


In short, the main benefits from being affiliated with AAF can be summarised as follows:

A: Music students will enjoy the details from the competition calendar, plus information regarding repertoire and prize money, accommodation, travel, better insight into the application & preselection process, some advice, the assistance in searching, finding and contacting others, and the opportunity to hand in complaints.

B: Competitions will primarily consider the free publicity important (see also "Services to Musicians and Competitions"), the opportunity of having their competition details reliably forwarded and even personally handed over to interested young musicians, being represented in and linked to this Information Centre which serves as a unique and active meeting place for all young musicians from all over the world, to be mentioned in articles and News messages, the reliable evaluation and unique verification support, the immediate knowledge about other competitions, and the assistance in tracing and contacting others (fine contestants, past laureates, jury members, etc.)

Other organisations will find the contacts very useful, as well as the availability of reliable information and competition details, the convenience of approaching laureates, and they might appreciate it to be officially linked to AAF.