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Jury votes published at Verona IPC

All the votes given by the jury members at the Verona Int'l Piano Competition (AAF) in Italy have been published (which they also did last year):

Tchaikovsky Competition 2019

Next year (June 2019), the famous Tchaikovsky Competition should be held again, but the rules and conditions are not on the website yet. Many people are wondering about this. They wish to prepare, apply, and the organisers also need time to make a preselection of participants.

Warsaw: Chopin Competition on Period Instruments

In Warsaw, the very first International Chopin Competition on Period Instruments (AAF) was held (2-14 September 2018). It was very interesting to hear the different sound of the various instruments when they were played in the Chamber Music Hall and in Great Hall of the Filharmonia for the finals, accompanied by the Orchestra of the 18th Century.

Jury votes published at Grieg Competition

The recently held Edvard Grieg Int'l Piano Competition (AAF) in Bergen (Norway) published all the voting details and points, given by the jury members at every stage of the competition:

Spanish Composers IPC, Laz Rozas (Spain)

10-17 November 2018, the 19th "Spanish Composers"

Reunion Island Int'l Piano Competition

1-10 December 2018, there will be an International Piano Competition on Reunion Island (AAF), as part of the Piano Island Festival.

Parnassós IPC, Mexico

28 October - 4 November 2018, the 7th Parnassós International Piano Competition(AAF) will be held again

Marbella higher prizes and open voting

In September, the Marbella International Piano Competition (AAF) will be held again in Spain.

Pianale: apply before June 20, 2018

This year, the PIANALE International Piano Academy & Competition (AAF) will be held 12-29 August 2018.

Extra prizes in Geilenkirchen

The Euregio Int'l Piano Competition (AAF) in Geilenkirchen (Germany) offers several special prizes this year, making the competition even more attractive: