Where is AAF today ... ?

AAF is present at many competitions. Gustav and the AAF Board members are frequently travelling. This is necessary in order to hear the latest news and to have reliable information and details from the international competitions, and to keep in touch with many people in the Piano World, such as the contestants, the jury members and organisers.


November 2018: the beginning of this month, Gustav and Akemi were still in Geneva for the Concours de Genève (AAF). Later this month, they will travel to Japan, to be at the Hamamatsu Int'l Piano Competition (AAF)

October 2018: this month, Akemi was on the jury for the Rina Sala Gallo Competition (AAF) in Monza (Italy), where Vladimir Ashkenazy served as chairman of the jury. Gustav was also there for a few days. At the Riga Int'l Piano Competition for Young Pianists (AAF), a special reception was offered for all the participants in the three Senior categories. Gustav would have travelled to Toronto for the Toronto Int'l Piano Competition (AAF), organised by the Cultural Chinese Centre, where AAF had also offered a reception for all participants, but unfortunately the competition was cancelled due to a withdrawal of the main sponsor. Shortly afterwards, the Int'l Piano Competition for Young Musicians (AAF) started in Enschede (Netherlands), where Gustav attended the finals as a member of the Press Jury. Back in Den Haag, Gustav and Akemi met with Ton Koopman, who gave a concert at the Kurhaus in Scheveningen. Ton Koopman had been AAF Board member during the first 10 years. One week later, Gustav and Akemi were in Switzerland for the 2nd round of the Concours de Genève (AAF).

September 2018: the beginning of this month, Gustav and Akemi were still in to Bergen (Norway) at the Edvard Grieg Int'l Piano Competition (AAF). Back in Holland, a visit was made to the concert/conference hall Tivoli/Vredenburg in Utrecht, where Rob Hilberink - organiser of the Utrecht Liszt Competition (AAF) showed them the options for hosting the 2nd International AAF Conference. The next day, Gustav and Akemi travelled to Warsaw for the First International Chopin Piano Competition on Period Instruments (AAF). This competition coincided with several other competitions, such as the ones in Leeds (AAF), Munich (AAF), Aachen (AAF), Leuze-en-Hainaut (AAF), Acquaviva delle Fonti (AAF), Abano Terme  (AAF) and the Szymanowski Competition in Katowice. It was a pity that it was therefore impossible to be there as well. In Warsaw, the AAF Board came together for the second AAF Board meeting this year, during which also the next AAF activities were discussed, including further planning of the AAF Receptions, AAF Award opportunities and the next AAF Conference. Immediately after they returned to Holland, Gustav and Akemi went almost straight to Rotterdam, where they met with Valery Gergiev, who just finished the Gergiev Festival. They asked him about the planning of the 2019 Tchaikovsky Competition. The end of this month, AAF chairman Christoph attended the Schubert Competition Dortmund, which was for Lied-Duos this year.
August 2018: the beginning of this month, Gustav and Akemi attended the Euregio Prize International Piano Competition (AAF) in Geilenkirchen (Germany) for a few days. One week later, they took a quick look at the Troisdorf International Piano Competition (AAF), after which they continued their travel to Ettlingen, where the very important Ettlingen International Competition for Young Pianists (AAF) was held. Gustav attended Seong-Jin Cho's concert performance at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, where he also met with several other pianists. Later this month, a visit was made to the International Holland Music Sessions in Bergen and Alkmaar (Netherlands), where it was good to meet again with the piano participants, teachers and attendants, among whom Jacques Rouvier, Claudio Martínez Mehner, Klara Min and others. The end of this month, Gustav and Akemi flew to Bergen (Norway) to be at the Edvard Grieg Int'l Piano Competition (AAF). 
July 2018: the beginning of this month, Akemi was still in Lyon for the Concours International de Piano de Lyon (AAF). For a few days, Gustav joined her there, to represent AAF at the special reception which was offered to all the contestants, with the support of AAF. A few weeks later, Akemi flew to Porto (Portugal), where she attended the conclusion of the Santa Cecilia International Piano Competition (AAF).
June 2018: this month, Gustav and Akemi attended the semi-finals (Mozart round) of the Géza Anda Competition in Zürich, where they also met again with Steinway representative Gerrit Glaner. The end of this month, Akemi travelled to France, where she was on the jury for the Concours International de Piano de Lyon (AAF).
May 2018: this month, Gustav and the AAF Board members attended the AAF Board meeting which was held in Dortmund. Latert his month, Akemi travelled to Dublin to attend the Dublin International Piano Competition (AAF). Many more competitions took place which were very interesting, but the final preparations for the new GDPR law consumed a lot of time (transition of the AAF website for better protection and other procedures).
April 2018: the beginning of this month, Gustav and Akemi will travel to Glasgow, to attend the 63rd General Assembly of the World Federation of International Music Competitions. Immediately afterwards, they will be in Frankfurt, at the finals of the International German Piano Award (AAF).
March 2018: this month, the First international AAF Conference will be held in Barcelona: 19-20 March, between the semifinals and finals of the Maria Canals Competition (AAF). Gustav and Akemi and the other AAF Board members will be there, as well as some 160 representatives of international piano competitions, individuals and organisations from all over the world. One week before this Conference, Stan went to Orléans (France), to be at the International Piano Competition for 20th and 21st Century Music (AAF), where AAF offered a reception for all the participants. Gustav and Akemi went to Dortmund, where they had a meeting with Christoph.
February 2018: many copies of the new AAF catalogue were sent to pianists and competitions. The preparations for the First international AAF Conference also continued. Akemi went to Zagreb (Croatia) to visit the Int'l Virtuoso Competition (AAF). Akemi and Gustav were two days in Grez-Doiceau (Belgium) for the EPTA Competition for Young Pianists (AAF). One week later, Gustav made a short visit to Barcelona, to ensure that all details for the First international AAF Conference were in place.
January 2018: the new AAF catalogue went to the printer, and came out the end of this month. Akemi and Gustav drove to Brussels to visit Martha Argerich, who was the very first to receive a copy of the new AAF catalogue. The next day, they went together to Amsterdam, where Martha Argerich performed with Misha Maisky and Janine Jansen in the Concertgebouw. Akemi had just returned from China, where she had attended the finals of the First International Music Competition in Harbin (AAF), where the temperature outside was far below zero ...!